A little about



Oh, hi there...

I am the paper flower creator behind the blooms. I have always had a desire to create, and that somehow evolved into making paper flowers. I think it is because flowers can mean so much to people - they represent some of our biggest moments, they help us express things we may not be able to say, and they also have the ability to generate happiness and love in an instant - just imagine if you had some fresh flowers in front of you. (Admit it, you would be a little happier. Already have them, great, you're my kind of person!)

I love to bring creativity and art to the flowers I create, blending real life with not-found-in-nature details (*cough* glitter). Colors and details are (almost) endless, so why not have a little fun with them, right? 


Some other things you should know about me

I am originally from new hampshire

Nashua to be specific. You may not know why this is important, but I think it is. 

I now live by the beach in Massachusetts

I never thought it would be possible, but beach life became a reality for me recently. I always said, "If I can have my coffee by the beach, I am successful." Water heals, calms, and inspires me. Want to join for a cup and talk flowers, business, creating? Let me know!

I want to create & be creative

Over the years, I have had some amazing jobs and opportunities that have helped me develop my marketing career. And while I am passionate about marketing and have taken a lot of learnings from each role I have been in, I always knew I wanted something else. Passion project, side hustle, whatever you might call it - Lizzie Doherty Designs grew to be my outlet for my calling to create and be creative every day.